Follow the steps to check the problem out and solve it.

a) Check the wiring, make sure every connection is well connected.

b) Check the lights on car charger, transmitter and camera, they all should be on. If not, email our customer service team.

c) Make sure the distance between transmitter and screen should be within 3 meters.

d) Change the installation location, do not put the transmitter on C-pillar or rear ends of vehicle or other places that may interrupt the signal.

If the problem persists, please contact AUTO-VOX customer service team by email.

Check the installation place of the transmitter.

Make sure a) the distance between transmitter and screen should be less than 5 meters. b) Put it far from sealed/metal place c) No interference from other wireless devices.

If the problem persists, please contact AUTO-VOX customer service team by email. It would be better if you wrote the order number (from Amazon/Ebay/Website) in your email, so that we can handle the problem much more quickly.

This might be caused by overexposure.

You can use tape to cover the monitor light sensor, or email AUTO-VOX customer service team.

The screen can connect to a second camera, but the cameras can not work at the same time. And when the two cameras have electric power at the same time, they will interference with each other. If you want to use two cameras and switch the image of two cameras in a monitor, we suggest you try AUTOVOX W7 PRO.

Yes, please cut off the car charger plug, you will see a red wire and a black wire. Then connect the red wire to an ignition-switched fuse, a black wire to the ground.

You can cut off the green wire loop on the camera cable to disable it. But cutting off the green wire loop, the grid lines will be disabled as well.

It's normal. What's displayed on the screen is the same as the image on the vehicular rearview mirror. The reversed image is safer for drivers to park the vehicles when the backup camera is installed at the rear of the vehicles.

The monitor will only display the image when the transmitter and camera are powered. Please check the following steps below.

Step 1: Check in reverse mode whether the red lights on the transmitter light up. If not, please check if red wire to the positive of the reverse light and black wire to the ground connection are loose.

Step 2: Check in reverse mode whether the LED on the camera lights up when covering the light sensor (the light sensor is under the camera lens). If not, please check the camera cable to the power box connection and the RCA connectors connections.

If you have any questions, please click here to contact us.