Yes, it works in winter. The Operation temperature is -20°C to 65°C.

Yes. If you have signal issues, you can contact us at to get an extra antenna for the monitor.

The signal transmission distance of Solar 1 is far enough. It fits not only small cars but also the most medium-sized vehicles such as pickup trucks, cargo vans, and the small classes of RVs.

The capacity of the battery is about 3200 mAh, and the battery can be charged to use, there is no need to replace it. With 30 minutes of sufficient sunlight exposure per day, you only need to charge it averagely every two months of normal use (2-3 times per day under proper temperature).

The monitor is powered by the car charger, and it will power on when you start your car. It will keep the stay on time that you set last time.

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