Truly Wireless, Easy Installation

Say NO to high installation quotes. For installation,
our Solar Backup Camera is the easiest and
quickest available today.


Solar Charging
Durable and long lasting

With 30 minutes of sufficient sunlight exposure
per day, you only need to charge it averagely
every three months of normal use (2-3 times
per day under proper temperature). Even in the
rainy season, the fully charged battery can also
last for about 2 months under the above conditions
of use.


2.4GHz Wireless Digital Frequency Hopping Technology

The 2.4GHz wireless digital frequency hopping technology prevents the images display from
other wireless signals interference, like radio, Bluetooth or cellphone.


Worry about the Guideline not fit for your car?

Unlike fixed Guideline, it has 6 different types that can
match to the most mainstream vehicles.


A Bracket Specifically Designed for U.S. License Plates

After numerous measurements and tests, our R&D team finally determined a bracket with camera and
solar panel, which adapts to the U.S.licence plates, that saves you from being fined for breaking
federal traffic law by covering car plate numbers.


Car Charger with Trigger Button
Our original design

One touch trigger button, displaying the rear view
image instantly. The car charger with trigger button
designed for drivers, who need to see the rear view
suddenly while driving or demand for more than 90
seconds reversing time.


0.1 Lux Excellent Night Vision

The camera helps you to get a clear rear view image
even in low light.


Outstanding Waterproof

The camera with solar panel is water-resistant,
whether it’s pouring with rain or through a car
wash, the unit still works well.

Which Backup Camera is right for you?
Solar 1
Solar1 Pro
Solar 1
Solar1 Pro